Food and Shelter

St. Andrew members are still serving the Soup Kitchen, Food Pantry Collection, and Meals on Wheels. All other Food and Shelter programming is on hold until COVID-19 is no longer a problem.

Soup Kitchen

Church members prepare a hearty meal at the Salvation Army, Bank Street, in downtown Suffolk on the third Thursday of each month. Volunteer to cook or serve, or help by providing cupcakes to be served as dessert. Cupcakes are due in the church kitchen on the Wednesday prior to our Soup Kitchen date.

Joyful Noise Offering

On the second Sunday of each month, children collect change from congregants during worship. This money goes to help cover the cost of soup kitchen supplies.

Food Pantry Collection

Donate non perishable food for the Suffolk Presbyterian Church Food Pantry to the red wagon in the church Atrium. Suffolk Presbyterian divides this food up among several organizations in downtown Suffolk.

Meals on Wheels

Suffolk Meals on Wheels, established in 1987, delivers meals to residents living in the city of Suffolk and the Isle of Wight County regions.  The food is prepared by the Sentara Obici Hospital Food Services.  St. Andrew provides volunteers to deliver meals on each Friday of the month. St. Andrew has 5 delivery teams, with 2 people in each team. Teams transport the meals from the hospital to the recipients’ homes.

Blessing Bags

Children and youth pack zip-lock bags with small bottles of water, crackers, nuts, etc. Congregants then pick up a bag or two to keep in their cars to hand out to those in need whom they encounter throughout the area.

Library Snacks Program

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Women, working with a grant from the Presbytery of Eastern Virginia, help to provide after-school snacks at the Morgan Memorial Library in downtown Suffolk. You can help by contributing snacks (crackers, granola bars, etc.) or by making a monetary contribution. This program serves approximately thirty children who come to the library after school each day.

Groceries for Migrant Farm Workers

Each summer we collect corn flour for tortillas, rice, beans, and other groceries for farm workers on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Our children learn about the contribution of migrant workers to the food we eat and pack up the groceries. The Presbytery of Eastern Virginia then takes our bags of groceries to community centers on the Shore.

Rise Against Hunger

Each year St. Andrew partners with the organization Rise Against Hunger in their goal to end hunger internationally. We convert our Atrium to a meal-packing assembly line, and we turn out over 10,000 nutritional meal packages in just two hours each year to be sent where the need is greatest. There are jobs and fun for everyone, including children.

CAPS Night Stay Program

The Coalition against Poverty in Suffolk (CAPS), a partnership of churches in the Suffolk area, provides housing and meals for people experiencing homelessness during the coldest months of the winter. St. Andrew turns several rooms in our education building into dormitory space for men, women, and families for a week each winter. Volunteer positions include set-up, clean-up, van drivers, meal preparation, and two shifts of oversight volunteers each night.

SAM’S Helping Hands

Need a light bulb changed? a ramp built? a little gardening done? Call SAM’s Helping Hands for small jobs with which you could use a little help.

Pastor Gillian’s messages are grounded in God’s love for us. God’s love is evident in the sweet faces of our very young children, the youth, adults and those of us with stooped shoulders and a few wrinkles as we care for and support one another.

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