Adult Education

Our regular adult, youth, and children’s classes take a break during the summer months and are replaced by an intergenerational class in June and a combined adult class in July. Here’s what’s happening this summer:

“Dear God” … Learning New Ways to Pray – An Intergenerational Class for the WHOLE Church Family During the Month of June

Do you ever feel that your prayers have grown stale, that you send your same laundry list of needs heavenward each day?

“Dear God …” Learning New Ways to Pray, St. Andrew’s June intergenerational class, aims to expand our prayer vocabulary and give us new ideas for communicating with our creating, redeeming, and sustaining God. Plan to join us each Sunday in June at 11 a.m., immediately after the worship service, to explore prayer together. We’ll meet in the Atrium, and the classes will be open to ages 4 to 104.

We’ll use the ACTS template – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication – to guide our series on prayer, and each week we’ll include new prayer practices to experience together. These classes are designed for all ages to learn together.

Make Peace – A Combined Class for Adults in July

Jesus leads us to a peace that is both a deep sense of the holy presence in our souls AND the hard work of peacemaking in the everyday world. This July we’ll explore the biblical basis for nurturing peace within us and in the world.

The class will meet in Room 204 on the second floor of the education building at 11:00 immediately after worship.


Will I have to do homework?
No, not unless you want to do more reading on your own.

My spouse works on Sundays. May I come by myself?

I often have to travel and won’t be able to come every week. Is that OK?
Yes! All our lives are busy, and our classes allow you to gain (and contribute!) whenever you can come.

Do I need to know a lot about the Bible and Scripture to participate?
We have students of the Word at all different levels in each of our classes. No need to have your Bible books memorized or show off your ability to quote chapter and verse.

I’m shy. Will I have to speak in class?
We want everyone to feel welcomed and comfortable. While we value discussion and sharing, we love those who just want to listen and absorb.

I don’t really feel as if I have my faith all worked out. Are there others like me?
Yes, there are. Our classes are often as much about the questions as they are about the answers, and you will find groups of people who are honestly wrestling with what it means to be a child of God.

Sunday Worship

Join us at 10:00 a.m.

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Christmas Worship Services

Blue Christmas Worship
Wednesday, 12/15, at 6:30 p.m.

For many people, Christmas is a particularly difficult time as they remember the loss of loved ones and the other losses of life. While some rejoice at the delights of the Christmas season, others feel their pain more deeply. Gather with us in the Sanctuary to acknowledge all these losses, to grieve those who are no longer with us, to remind ourselves of the faith that sustains us through all of life, and to worship God who came to be with us and promises that even when we walk through the dark places, we have nothing to fear.

Two Christmas Eve Services

4 p.m. Family Service
Music, scripture, and a special children's message will focus on the young (and the young at heart) at St. Andrew's early Christmas Eve service. The service will last approximately 40 minutes. Childcare will be available.

7 p.m. Communion Service
We will welcome the coming of the Christ Child with music, scripture, a homily, and Communion. The service will end in candlelight. There will be no childcare available for this service