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Education has become even more important to the formation of our faith during the pandemic. Obviously, the places where education happens have changed. Rather than in our church’s buildings, we learn together in our homes via the Zoom teleconferencing platform.

In this, as in so many other places, we have discovered unexpected blessings, though: folks with physical disabilities can easily join classes now, people can join us on their lunch hours or after dinner in the comfort of their own easy chairs. Kids haven’t finished breakfast yet? No problem – set up the computer on the kitchen table, and we can all chat about our favorite cereals before launching into the Bible study of the day.

Scroll through our offerings here, paying attention to the current information at the tops of the pages.

When we no longer have to worry about COVID-19, we will resume our Sunday morning nursery program.

Growing Together


Much like tomato plants, orchids, and small children, our faith needs nourishment in order to grow. Regular prayer, worship, and study all contribute to that nourishment. One of the great gifts of the church is that we can grow together with other followers as we stretch one another’s minds and hearts in community. 
St. Andrew values God’s gift of growth and provides opportunities for learning across all ages and in many forms. Sunday morning finds us in classes for infants through adults. Our mid-week program, Kirk Night, gives us the opportunity to eat together and then continue fellowship and learning in music practices or classes. Small groups gather for prayer, study, and support.


Look through the educational opportunities listed in this section and come join us. The conversation will be richer with you there!

Adults on Sunday

Sunday classes meet from 9:00-9:45 in the education building behind St. Andrew’s main building.  Childcare for 2 year olds and younger and classes for 3 year olds through senior high are available at the same time.

Youth on Sunday

The Middle School and Senior High Church School classes meet together on the second floor of the education building behind the Sanctuary each Sunday at 9:00.

Children on Sunday

We are all God’s children, but we are not created the same. Our children learn in a variety of ways, and CrossWalk honors those differences.

Infants and Toddlers on Sunday

Babies are not just the future of the church; they are the NOW of the church! St. Andrew provides two nurseries from 9:00-11:00 a.m.

Kirk Night

Kirk Night, named for the Scottish word for church, is St. Andrew’s Wednesday evening program for all ages. Kirk Night begins each week with supper at 5:45 p.m. The cost for the meal is $4.50 for adults and $2.50 for children.

After dinner there are programs for all ages.


Check out our resources for spiritual growth and faith formation. Contact the church office if you have any questions about these resources.

“Pastor Gillian’s Kirk Night Class, ‘The Elephant in the Room,’ has been thought provoking, mind expanding, comforting. Each lesson has been another faith journey for me. I sense a real Christian bond among those who attend.”

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