Living Outside the Box – What New Thing is God Calling You to Do This Year?

Do you remember the scene on the shores of the Sea of Galilee as Jesus scanned the lake for his first disciples? Brothers Peter and Andrew were there, getting ready to cast a net into the water, “for they were fishermen.” (Matthew 4:18) Jesus did not cup his hands to his mouth and call, “Hey, guys! Why don’t you all stick around the boat there, and I’ll email you some material that you can read and ponder.” A little farther down the shore, when Jesus spotted brothers James and John, he did not say, “Yo! Things are A-OK in the world, and I want you two to keep right on mending your nets.” Instead, Jesus said, “Come, and follow me.” They did, and their lives were forever changed.

It is easy and comfortable and secure to live our normal, everyday lives – seeing the same people, working at the same jobs, worshiping in the same ways. But Jesus’ way was not often an inside-the-box sort of life, nor were his disciples encouraged to embrace the status quo.

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This year’s programming theme, “Living Outside the Box,” looks at Jesus’ call to “Come, and follow me” as a summons to step outside our comfort zones and grow toward what God is calling us to do.

What could that look like?

  • Maybe you’ll try attending an adult class this year.
  • Maybe you’ll make it a habit to bring your children to Sunday classes.
  • Maybe you’ll say yes to teaching in CrossWalk.
  • Maybe you’ll add your name to the Prayer Chain and pray for those in need.
  • Maybe you’ll add a daily devotion to your reading schedule.
  • Whatever it is, it will be saying “YES!” to Jesus’ call to come and follow him.

To make these first steps out of the box a little easier, we will be putting resources for you on the website, as a veritable marketplace of opportunities for spiritual growth.

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