Coalition Against Poverty in Suffolk (CAPS) Night-Stay Program Host Church

Christian Education Building

Operating under the auspices of CAPS (Coalition Against Poverty in Suffolk), St. Andrew will host their third Night Stay ministry from Wednesday evening on January 9 through Wednesday morning on January 16. Our Night Stay guests will stay in our education building on air mattresses and bedding provided by CAPS. St. Andrew will provide staffing and oversight during our guests’ stay, meals for the week (breakfast, lunch & dinner), and simple hospitality to our neighbors.

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED: Please see the signup sheet in the Atrium to help our brothers and sisters in Christ who are experiencing homelessness. We need people to provide food, to help with setup or cleanup and to stay part of the night (2 shifts each night). For more info please contact Angie Hillis-Baurle at the church, 757-238-3550.