One of St. Andrew’s core values is Worshiping God and Learning God’s ways. While faith formation can happen in many places, St. Andrew offers classes throughout the week, over the church year, and across the span of ages for those who would like to grow in discipleship. Whether you are seeking learning opportunities for age two or ninety-two, we hope that you will check out our class listings by clicking on the drop-down menu under "Classes."


    There are currently no events.

    The following Frequently-Asked Questions may be of particular interest to adult learners:

    Do I have to know a lot about the Bible or about the Presbyterian Church to come? No, in our classes all are welcome. We are working out answers together.

    • Will I have to do homework? No, not unless you want to do more reading on your own.
    • My spouse works on Sundays/Wednesdays. May I come by myself? Absolutely!
    • I often have to travel and won’t be able to come every week. Is that ok? Yes! All our lives are busy, and our classes allow you to gain (and contribute!) whenever you can come.
    • Will there be childcare? Yes. We have programs for all ages during almost all of our adult classes.