From The Magpie’s Nest

From The Magpie’s Nest


Saying "Yes!" to a Redemptive God in 2018

We serve a God of redemption.  Hallelujah!  God takes mediocre folks who have no aspirations to greatness and helps them defy empires, preach truth, and birth a savior. God can take bad stuff – including a cross – and turn it into Good.


I am aware of God’s power for turning the world on its head at many times during the liturgical year – Christmas, Easter, Pentecost – but oddly, I am particularly moved by God’s redemptive nature on one of the most secular squares on the calendar – New Year’s Day.


Here is God, madly in love with us, at work in our lives, offering to let us look ahead at a blank slate of a year and be co-creators in the Kingdom.  New Year’s is traditionally thought to be a day of beginnings, of hope, of healthy intentions.  How can we say “Yes!” to God at the beginning of 2018?


Here are some resources that might help us all get started (click on the boldfaced lines to go to the complete link):


PathWalk into the year with a prayer for New Year’s.  This poem by J. Bradley Wigger begins, “O God of steadfast love, trusting you, we devote our hearts to learning and our lives to walking.”






BibleNeed some help with your resolutions?  Sometimes a little Scripture is all we need to remind ourselves that we are on a path to a life that glorifies God in all of our endeavors.”  







Resolutions“Consider ways to explore new hopes and dreams during the coming year.”  This short article also has some very good general strategies for making and keeping resolutions.






ScrabbleDon’t forget the spiritual side of things when making your resolutionsThis author gives five suggestions: pray, show up, be generous with time and talents, find ways to serve others, and tell somebody! 






One WordOr, if resolutions are not your thing, choose just one word to guide you throughout the next year.  If you like, you can register on this website and find a “tribe” of other folks who have chosen your word, or team up with others in your area who might lend you encouragement.